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The Florida Business Video Network provides professional HD Digital Video Production services, as well as large screen advertising placements in your market area. Additional services in the package include a TEXT ‘Call To Action’ for specials, and mobile video website for added punch!

Reach people directly on their phones and always be a fingertip away.


The Florida Business Video Network Program is an exciting new upgrade to the flat-screen advertising model that has worked so well in local markets around the country.

The most important difference is that NOW you will have the opportunity to run a professionally produced 15 second VIDEO COMMERCIAL advertisement on our strategically placed screens, as opposed to the previous model which provided a ‘still’ or graphic ad that appeared on the screen for a 10 second duration.

That’s 33% MORE PLAY TIME! And not only that, but your HD Digital Video will incorporate the very best in modern digital production techniques. This translates into a 200-300% better engagement rate from your potential new customers. Everything is done with your corporate or business logo and color schemes matched specifically to digital effects that tell your story in a very interesting and effective way. These productions are of the same quality and standards used for broadcast television commercials, complete with a pro voice over, royalty-paid music track and additional stock footage and images to craft the perfect commercial message for your products and services.

In addition to the exciting new video advertising option, we include a TEXT ‘Call To Action’ feature which allows your potential new customers to text a specific word or phrase to a designated number and receive a response with links to your Mobile Video Website, mapping and directions and a redeemable coupon or special. ALL at no additional charge! SMS TEXT marketing can cost thousands of dollars per year, but we have incorporated it into your package in order to ‘cover all the bases’ and take advantage of the new texting and mobile marketing craze.

Finally, we upload and optimize your new video commercial to the internet on our high authority channels, and your video will now be found by folks searching the web for your products or services. This is the first of several additional steps that you can take to increase your reach and search engine rankings..an all-important aspect of marketing in today’s internet-based world.


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